World’s First Analog Gauges with Data Recording for EVs

Green Cycle's gauges help drivers extend EV range using recorded trip data for greater driving efficiency. Drivers can upload their trip data to Green Cycle's website and use the free Data Analysis Tool to analyze vehicle performance...(read more)

Chevy S-10 electric truck

This 1986 Chevy S-10 truck was converted to battery power five years ago and serves as Green Cycle’s test vehicle for evaluating new product designs. As a “daily driver”, it now has 21,000+ electric miles on it. It's driving range has increased as new Green Cycle product designs are perfected after many miles of road testing.

five gauges

Five Gauge & Data Recording Kit GCG1-A

three gauges

Three Gauge & Data Recording Kit GCG1-B

fuel gauge

Fuel Gauge & Data Recording Kit GCG1-C